Renaissance is committed to a multi-level Collaborative Leadership Model. Since its inception as a New Visions School in 1993, the school’s governance structure has been centered on collaboration, cooperation and communication among all stakeholders.

Located at the very crossroads of Jackson Heights, Renaissance values the important roles of parents and the community. Parents and distinguished representatives of the community serve on the Board of Trustees. Parents form half of the membership of the Collaborative School Governance Committee which sets educational policy and charter improvement goals.
Parents organized an extremely active PTA and serve on numerous schoolwide committees such as Staffing, Budget, Safety, Admissions, After school, Arts and Playground.

In this model the Board of Trustees determines whether the school is fulfilling the mandates of its Charter, monitors the fiscal integrity of the school, and evaluates and oversees the performance of the school’s leadership team.

  • Sandra Geyer, Chairperson, Co-Director, The Renaissance Charter School (Retired)
  • Dr. Monte Joffee, Vice Chairperson, Founding Principal, The Renaissance Charter School (Retired)
  • Everett Boyd, Secretary, Teacher, The Renaissance Charter School
  • Chester Hicks, Parent Representative, Retired
  • Stacey Gauthier, Principal, The Renaissance Charter School
  • Dr. Rachel Mandel, Bellevue Hospital Center, Child CPEP
  • Maggie Martinez DeLuca, Director of the Urban Education Semester, Bank Street College Graduate School of Education
  • Conor McCoy, Brewster Financial Strategies Group, Wells Fargo Advisors
  • Francine Smith, School Aide, Founding Parent, The Renaissance Charter School

The Board delegates to the Collaborative School Governance Committee (CSG) the task of studying the quality of life in the school and reviewing broad instructional policies at the school. The CSG comprises appointed and elected representatives of all school constituencies.

  • Everett Boyd, Administrator for School Culture & Family Engagement
  • Dan Fanelli, SMT Staff at Large
  • Vincent Garelick, UFT Chapter Chair
  • Lillian Chen, Parent, Parent At Large
  • Evelyn Peralta, Parent, Parent At Large
  • Liz DelPozo, Parent, Parent At Large
  • Patricia Poljanic, School Aide Non-Pedagogical Representative
  • Lisa Liropoulos and Kelly Goodwin, PTA Co-Presidents
  • Chester Hicks, PTA Treasurer
  • James Stonebraker, PTA Correspondence Secretary
  • Carina Salvi, PTA Recording Secretary
  • Claudia Canavan, PTA PreK-3 Representative
  • Jennelle Frances, PTA 4-5 Representative
  • Kathy Corona, PTA 6-8 Representative
  • Marta Kowalska, PTA 9-10 Representative
  • Noreen Wortman and Paul Rogan, PTA 11-12 Representatives

Note: Additional representatives from faculty and student body will be elected at the first cluster meetings of the 2014-2015 school year.

Student Government supports the voice of our students in our Governance structure. We are happy to note that the first official Student Government High School By-Laws were fully adopted as of June 6, 2011 by the sitting student government.

Read the bylaws here: ByLaws 2011

School Management Team implements the policies established by the CSG. The team consists of the Principal and currently includes Directors of Teaching and Learning, Instructional Support, Operations and Finance, and Development and Partnerships.

The SMT handles the day-to-day operation of the school and the Co-Principals handle external relations and dissemination of best practices beyond the school. One of SMT’s main responsibilities is to be the vision keeper of the school. This model is specifically designed to be fluid with team member roles being adjusted to meet the current needs of the school.

Leadership Model