Social Studies

The underlying theme of the study of New York has rich applications in the field of social studies. The foundation for this approach is established in the interdisciplinary core of the K-3 curriculum. Students study family, school, community through hands-on activities and neighborhood analyses.

Grades 4-11 teachers utilize the Social Studies Alive! and History Alive! curriculae as they lead students through the New York sequence of social studies courses. The "Alive!" approach to social studies includes highly interactive components that appeal to students whose strengths lie in varying multiple intelligences.

In High School, Freshmen take an integrated Humanities curriculum focused on ancient history. To prepare for the Global History and Geography Regents exam, Sophomores study Global History, enriched by the school’s targeted, small-group, hands-on Global Labs. Juniors take U.S. History and take the U.S. History Regents exam. Seniors study Economics and Government. In addition we offer AP Human Geography, and Honors World History, both culminating in students taking the AP exams.