Since the arts play such a vital role in the culture of New York, Renaissance places an important emphasis on arts education. K-4 students have classes in Creative Dance, and regular instruction in Vocal and Instrumental Music, Fine Arts, or Drama throughout the K-12 spectrum. In grades 7 and 9, students rotate between their studies of different art forms before selecting a specialty in one art form as their arts 'major', to explore the art form in depth with the goal of creating a level of skill that could be used for entry as a college major if so desired. You can check out a lot of student artowrk on the new TRCS Visual Arts website at: TRCS Visual Arts

In addition to instruction in the various art forms, Renaissance integrates the arts into the study of other subjects. There are many arts organizations allied with Renaissance through grants from the New York Center for Arts in Education, Queens Council on the Arts, New York State Council on the Arts, New York Foundation on the Arts and others. These partnerships are dedicated to providing Renaissance students with a direct connection to the arts in New York City; they use each discipline as “a way of knowing” the academic subjects. External Partnerships