Renaissance is on the Cutting Edge of Responsible Progressive K-12 Education

It currently operates many programs that implement the most forward thinking educational practices in its classrooms.

Just a few of these programs include:

Rensizzle Week - Rensizzle Week is five consecutive days during the school year when 7th-12th grade students have the opportunity, together with Renaissance teachers, to actively explore a topic of interest in great depth. During this week the high school departs from its regular schedule so that clusters can devote the entire school day to their process of exploration and research. Students prepare a presentation at the end of the week to share what they have learned. Students gain experience in leadership and group building, the process of conducting research and the creation and execution of a presentation. Rensizzle Week

The Learning Center — Renaissance’s Learning Center (TLC) is a "managed care" program for students who either need remedial help or who wish to accelerate or enrich their studies. Part-time teachers and two full-time paraprofessionals manage this study center. It includes NovaNET and Brigham Young University distance learning. The Learning Center has been successful in providing a way for students to make-up needed credits and with improving the course passing rates of participating students, especially those with IEPs.

College Bound Program — Renaissance mandates participation in its college bound program. It begins in 5th and 6th grade with trips to city colleges for various programs, and becomes a for-credit class in the 9th-12th grade. Students chart a four year plan in the ninth grade that includes an online portfolio that helps them establish a career plan, and an academic and community involvement portfolio that showcases their accomplishments. Curriculum scaffolding allows the college bound staff to guide students as they explore their values, social and academic interests, career options and college choices. Learn more: College Officeand Announcements.

Matrix Geography — Renaissance received a competitive Model Programs grant from the National Geographic Education Foundation to lead a consortium of educational institutions across the country to create and implement an integrated curriculum for K-12 geography education. Through the consortium, schools nationwide replicate the curriculum to improve the way students learn about the world around them. Matrix Geography is changing the way Global History is taught and its hands-on approach has encouraged Renaissance’s high-school to transform 9th grade English Language Arts instruction (ELA) and Global classes into an arts-rich Humanities program.

Partnership for Innovation in Compensation for Charter Schools — PICCS is a comprehensive program designed to develop and reward top quality teachers and school leaders at charter schools. Renaissance is one of the ten charter schools participating in this ground-breaking work to, among other things, develop Individual Achievement Plans for every student, Classroom Improvement Plans for every classroom, and School-Wide Achievement Plans for each participating school. PICCS