Parent volunteerism has always been strong at Renaissance. In addition to strong parent representation on all of its governing boards (see our "Support" page and click on the green "Governance" link) over the years parents have served on many committees: its playground was designed with parent input; the Arts and Spanish Language program have been strengthened by parent collaboration; and every hiring committee includes parents. Parents share their skills to improve communication and the school’s publications, help out in the office, assist with art for exhibitions—and sometimes bring their skills into the classroom. Your presence at Parent Association meetings makes our meetings more vibrant and meaningful, and sends a powerful message of involvement to your child.

If regular monthly meetings are not possible for you, there are many other ways to stay involved--including volunteering at school events and fundraisers, donating time for political advocacy when the call goes out to attend City Council Hearings or the annual Charter School Lobby Day.

If you are interested in doing more for Renaissance, please reach out to your PTA cluster representative or contact Peggy Heeney, at 718-803-0060, ext. 119, or peggyheeney@rencharter.org.