PK-8 Curriculum Packets

Curriculum Night is Thursday, September 13 from 6-8 PM. Updated curriculum packets will be added as they are available; below are versions from 2018, or from 2017.

PK-5 Classrooms

Elementary Parent Handbook

Pre-Kindergarten 2018

Kindergarten 2018; Kindergarten At-Home Activities

First Grade 2018; First Grade Powerpoint

Second Grade 2018

Third Grade 2018; Third Grade Parent Information

Fourth Grade 2018

Fourth Grade Social Studies 2018

Fifth Grade ELA 2018

Fifth Grade Social Studies 2018

1st-5th Science Curriculum 2018

Elementary Math Supports 2018

Elementary Math Supports Parent Guide - English; Elementary Math Supports Parent Guide - Espanol

Please check Cristina Howard's website for 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Math. Fifth Grade Math 2018

For more on 4th-6th Grade Social Studies, check out Cristine Slingerland's Social Studies

PK-5th Grade Spanish 2018

Elementary Arts

K-4 Creative Movement

3rd-9th Grade Music Education

Fifth Grade Art

6th-8th Classrooms

Middle School Handbook 2018 - please note the cover is dated 2017-2018, but the content has been updated for this current year.


7th-8th Grade Math 2018

6th Grade Math 2018


6th Grade ELA 2018

7th Grade ELA 2017

8th Grade ELA 2017

Social Studies

6th Grade Social Studies 2018

8th Grade Social Studies 2018


7th Grade Science 2017

8th Grade Earth Science 2018


Please see Helen Zumaeta's Spanish Education for 6th, 7th and 8th grade Spanish course descriptions.


Overview of 5th-11th Grade Art

7th-8th Grade Theatre 2017