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All Parents:

NEW High School Homework Due Date Schedule was sent to students on May 7, 2020. You can find the schedule HERE, and reprinted below is the message that accompanied it, from your child's teachers:

"Attached please find the homework schedule that teachers have agreed to follow. We have taken into account the many new challenges that you and your child are facing. We urge you to reach out for support, lean on your teachers, and support one another. You will have classwork five days (Monday-Friday) and homework two days a week for each class (Sunday- Friday). Teachers will make clear what classwork is and what homework is. This attachment  details the days that homework assignments are due. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. You are heard, we care about you, and we know the world is changing around us quickly. We are in this together and we are in constant discussion on how your academic success and well-being can be addressed. We want to provide as much normalcy and support in your life as we possibly can."

NEW High School Student Schedule was sent to students on Monday, April 27th. You can see the updated schedule HERE. This schedule was developed in order to aid your child in organizing their days into manageable chunks. If you have questions, please email Victor Motta, at

Daily Attendance Form It is very important that we hear from your child EVERY DAY. The Daily Attendance Form comes to all students' email address with an automatic invitation to fill out a very brief google form, so we can better monitor who all is participating remotely, and who may need help.  HINT: Bookmark the form and set a phone alarm to fill it in every day, between 3:00 PM and 12:00 AM.

Parents of PK-3rd graders may need to help your child, or fill out the form.  Parents who are helping need to log OUT of their regular email, and log IN to their child's rencharter email account.  If you need help finding that email address, please email Michelle at  You can also call her at (929) 314-4903 for assistance.

The form will require their first and last name, grade and class (in a drop-down list), a check-list of online platforms they used today (such as Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.), and an open-ended question that asks if they need support with anything.

Please look for the form every day between 3:00 and 3:30 PM, and your students have the rest of the day to fill out the form.  This will be coming DAILY for the duration of the Shelter-In-Place mandate.

Thank you for your cooperation and support of your children in their online learning experience.

Online Learning Parent Guides - Please read this important letter regarding Student Expectations During Online Learning; Expectativas de los estudiantes durante el aprendizaje en línea.

Below you will find your child's online schedules and guides from teachers. Parents, please use the following contacts for:

  1. If you need help with technology problems please email us and we will do our best to help you.
  • PK-5:
  • 6th-8th: or
  • 9th-12th:
  1. Your student will need to download the ZOOM app in order to participate in Zoom live classrooms. Please download by following this LINK: ZOOM

  2. To participate in Google Classroom, your child must use their email address. Please contact Michelle Cardona if your child cannot access that email account -, or call (929) 314-4903.

  3. To communicate absences - If your child is sick and cannot participate in any of the learning activities:, or call (929) 314-4903.

  4. To request general information or generate feedback: Parent Coordinators,, or

Introduction to Renaissance Online Learning - Parent Letter

ZOOM Instructions for Students

Elementary School - Pre-Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Middle School - 6th to 8th Grade Parent Guide; NEW Student Schedules

High School - HS Parents, here is the link for the TRCS High School website. Here is the NEW HS Schedule as of 04-27-2020 HS Schedule by Grade.

Compass Explore Urban Sustainability and Design Summer Program Applications for the summer 2020 Urban Agriculture and Permaculture program for 3rd-5th graders will be available in March. See the Program Description HERE; and our summer program Safety Plan HERE.

High School Unwrapped - All 8th grade parents and students will be invited to a special open house presentation about our high-school in the fall. Stay tuned for more information! In the meantime, you can check out last year's power-point here: TRCS HS Unwrapped! to learn about the Renaissance High School experience.


In case of bad weather, we may decide to do one of the following things:

* close school for the entire day
* delay the start of school, or
* dismiss students at an earlier time.

Renaissance will generally follow the decision made by the Chancellor of the New York City department of Education. The Chancellor will make his decision by 6:00 AM.

Please read this notice and keep it handy throughout the winter season.