PK-4 Afterschool Programs

We are pleased to announce that our long-time after-school partners, 82nd Street Academics, Inc., will be running the early-childhood and upper elementary after-school program. In addition, after-school child-care for Pre-Kindergarten students will be available at their site down the block from our school. 82SA will arrange for Pre-K students to be safely escorted from Renaissance to the Pre-Kindergarten Center. The Pre-Kindergarten and K-4 programs require a fee, as before, with a payment plan available. Please see the following registration documents for full-time enrollment (5 days a week, from 3:10 PM - 6:00 or 7:00 PM) or the flex-time enrollment (for families that cannot commit to 5-days a week.)

In addition, Pre-Kindergarten Afterschool is available at the 82SA site down the block from Renaissance. Parents can arrange for their PK children to be picked up at Renaissance and escorted to the Pre-Kindergarten Afterschool.

Questions? Please call or email Jessica Kim –, 718-457-0429, Ext. 200

Download the enrollment forms here:

What You Can Expect at 82nd Street Academics

  • Full Program members attend Monday – Friday 3:10pm – 6:00pm
  • Happy Hour is available from 6:00pm – 7pm as needed or as part of your agreement
  • TGIF Schoolage is available on days when school is closed

We promise an A in homework to students in the 5 day Program who stay until 6pm

  1. We check to see what homework is required at the beginning each day
  2. We check and correct all completed homework
  3. We give you a list of any homework to be completed at home

Since academic success depends on student motivation, we have a varied program to keep students engaged. We ask that all families pick up their children no earlier than 6:00 pm whenever possible.

Safe, Welcoming Place - In the After School program, your child will work in a clean, safe, and welcoming classroom. Our staff members will treat your child with respect and dignity.

Motivated Academics - Our enrichment specialists are professionals. We use Arts, Meal Time, and Playground Time in your child’s schedule. We want your child to be a Delighted Student!

Parent/ Staff Communication - You will receive a weekly e-mail from your child’s teacher about activities and events in the program. You will have the email of your teacher and can expect a response within 1 school day when you email. There will be two parent teacher conferences where we will give feedback on your child’s social emotional scores and homework management.

IN ADDITION: Performing Arts Conservatory of New York (PACONY) will provide private, on-site music lessons for a fee. Download the request form HERE.