Open House Schedule

Thank you to all parents interested in our school. We fill all available seats, so you are welcome to submit a paper application, available at the school, at any time for 2018-2019. Paper applications for 2019-2020 are available for download on the Admissions page, or you are also welcome to complete the online common application process, which is open until April 5, 2019. (See Admissions Page)

The Open House for the 2019-2020 school year for HIGH SCHOOL (9th-12th grades) is Wednesday, December 12th at 6pm. This will include a detailed look at our high school programs and school tour. Later open houses will focus more on our elementary grades.

Spanish translation is usually available at all of our open houses; we try to provide other language translation services as available. Our Open Houses for the 2019-2020 school year for Pre-K - 12th grades are as follows:

Thursday, January 10th at 9am

Wednesday, February 13th at 6pm

Thursday, March 14th at 9am

No reservations are necessary. Doors will close 15 minutes after the opening time. Please bring a photo ID to enter the building