Admissions Lottery Process

The Lottery for 2019-2020 admissions will be held April 12, 2019 at The Renaissance Charter School at 6pm. It is open to the Public.

Application deadline is April 5, 2019. Applications received after this date will be put on the wait list. The lottery will be held April 12th and notifications will be sent out no later than April 20th. You must CONFIRM your acceptance of a seat by 3PM on May 1st. If we do not receive confirmation by this date, this seat will be passed on to someone on the wait list.

The On-Line Common Application - The direct link to the on-line common application will be available soon. In the meantime, families can log into the new SchoolMint platform in order to complete their charter school applications.

Students at Renaissance are chosen through a blind, on-line lottery system. At Renaissance, from PK-4 there is one class per grade with 18 students in Pre-Kindergarten, and 25 students in each class K-3, 4th grade has one class with 26 students, and from 5th-12th there are two classes per grade with 27 students in each class.

Every year we accept 18 new students in Pre-Kindergarten, 7 new students in Kindergarten (the class will include all 18 Pre-K students from the previous year), and 28 new 5th grade students. Applicants for 1st to 4th and 6th to 12th grades will be entered into a lottery when we have an empty seat, and that can be at any time during the school year.

All applications are grouped into grades and receive a number. When we hold a lottery for an empty seat in a particular grade, each number is again entered into an on-line lottery systems.

Priority for the school’s lottery is given in the order listed below:

  1. Current students enrolled at Renaissance
  2. Siblings of students already in the school (Siblings are defined as brothers or sisters and proof of legal guardianship required)
  3. Children of staff members
  4. Families that live in school district 30
  5. Everybody else in NYC