Welcome to our Admissions page. Every year Renaissance accepts 18 new students in Pre-Kindergarten, 7 new students in Kindergarten (all 18 Pre-K students will matriculate to Kindergarten), and 28 new 5th grade students. In addition, if a seat goes vacant at any time during the year, we will attempt to fill the seat from our waiting list. Please visit our school lobby for current school year applications in 5 different languages.

Renaissance schedules open-houses throughout the year--please check here Open House for the schedule. In the meantime, here is a power-point that talks about our program, and describes a daily schedule for Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and 5th Grade, our main entry points to the school.

Universal Pre-Kindergarten

Renaissance has one full-day pre-kindergarten class of eighteen students. Please note that Pre-Kindergarten will now be a main entry point into Renaissance. If you wait to enroll your child, he or she may not be able to attend due to lack of available seats.

UPK at Renaissance:

  • Our UPK is a full-day program with breakfast, lunch and snack provided, and served in the classroom.

  • Renaissance has one UPK class serving 18 students.

  • Busing is not available for UPK students.

  • We will not have an after-school program for UPK students, so you must be able to pick up your child promptly at dismissal. Arrangements for after-school child-care may be made through our partner, 82nd Street Academics, Inc. at 718-457-0429.

  • Your child must turn four years of age by December 31, 2017 in order to be eligible. Proof of age will be required to enroll your child.

  • UPK students will automatically move into Kindergarten at Renaissance. There will be no need to reapply.

Pre-K to 12th Grade Admissions Information:

All applicants for Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and 5th Grade will be notified of the results of the lottery. All students not picked in the lottery will be placed on the waiting list, and mini-lotteries will be held whenever a seat opens up in grades PK-12.

HS Applications are automatically placed on a waiting list, to be filled when we have confirmation of vacant seats.

General Information

  • Renaissance serves approximately 565 PK-12 students.

  • Class size is approximately 25 in each class.

  • There is one class per grade (PK-4).

  • Two classes per grade (5-12).

  • Incoming Pre-Kindergarten students must attain the age of four by December 31, and incoming Kindergarten students must attain the age of five by December 31 of the year they enter school. High school students can attend Renaissance until the age of 21 or until a high school diploma is obtained, whichever comes first.


The On-Line Common Application Families can log into SchoolMint platform in order to complete applications to any New York City charter school, including Renaissance.

OR you can print out an application and mail it to the school. The Renaissance Charter School 2017-2018 school year application is available in ENGLISH, BENGALI, CHINESE, SPANISH and URDU.

Learn about NYC Charter Schools: Download the NYC Charter School Parent Brochure in several languages: Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Haitian Creole, French, English