Mission Statement

“Developing Leaders for the Renaissance of New York”

Renaissance is based on the conviction that a change in the destiny of a single individual can lead to a change in the destiny of a community, nation, and ultimately humankind. Its mission as a PK-12 school is to foster educated, responsible, humanistic young leaders who will through their own personal growth spark a renaissance in New York. Its graduates will be global citizens with an abiding respect for peace, human rights, the environment, and sustainable development.

With these goals in mind, Renaissance built a culture of community, cooperation, and collaboration. The school’s core belief is that a dynamic learning environment which prizes friendship and deep respect will open both the hearts and minds of students. In this type of environment, students will meet all standards and exceed them to become leaders in their own right.

The study of New York is the central curricular theme of Renaissance. Traditional subjects such as math, science, language arts and social studies are related to the study of the geography, history, economics, culture, and people of New York. Rooted in this study of their communities, students engage in community involvement activities and work on individual and small group projects to prepare them for the work of the 21st century. Since the arts are so central to New York, students take classes in dance, music, fine arts, chorus, and drama.

The spirit of leadership can best be transmitted through example. Renaissance staff members serve as models of collaborative leadership within the community characterized by compassion and responsible dialogue. Through this process, wise decision-making emerges. The collaborative model includes regular Professional Learning Community (PLC) cluster meetings and teacher representation on the Collaborative School Governance Committee (CSG). Additionally, teachers provide leadership through undertaking Teaching and Learning Coordinator positions in every cluster, and teachers are encouraged and supported to serve in other administrative capacities.

Renaissance is committed to graduating competent individuals who are powerful thinkers, engaged citizens, and life-long learners who will create the renaissance of New York.